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Legal.Social is the Mastodon instance for legal debate.

The instance is run by @benny and @malteengeler, proudly presented by, the open legal database. We are legal professionals but everybody interested in debating legal policy and topics is welcome.

openJur e.V. is providing the technical infrastructure and we are maintaining this instance in our spare time. We do not - at any time - guarantee uptime or availability. Please make sure that you read our imprint as well as our terms of use and data processing policy.

Follow @hausrecht for updates on the instance. If you have any questions please contact us at

After a trial period with invite-only registrations, the instance is now open for registration by everyone. We do however reserve the right to go back to an invite-only system and we might - according to our terms of use - cancel accounts of users that do not adhere to our standards of conduct or exhibit use that we consider spam or misuse. Please also keep in mind that you can already dive into debates with users on this instance if you have an account anywhere in the Mastodon universum. It's called a federated social network for a reason.

The primary instance languages are German and English.

May the better argument win.

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