The is another attempt to build fences in the "untamed wilderness" of the WWW and to subject it to property rights.

@johl I felt a lot of vibes from Marxs "original accumulation" too


The Inclosures continue.

The Lords stealing land from the Commons.

Since the Ancient Statute of Merton in 1235.


'Gainst lawyers and 'gainst priests stand up now
For tyrants they are both, even flat against their oath
To grant us they are loathe free meat and drink and cloth
Stand up now diggers all
[The club is all their law, stand up now stand up now]2x
The club is all their law, to keep all men in awe
That they no vision saw to maintain such a law
Stand up now diggers all

The Diggers Song
Farrell Family
composed Gerard Winstanley


@malteengeler yep it's a old battle between open and closed. In this post truth world this is well messy.

@malteengeler wha? how? It’s literally about moving from centralised walled gardens to decentralised, community-owned systems.

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