"The Trustworthy AI story is a marketing narrative invented by industry. [...] Hence the Trustworthy AI narrative is, in reality, about developing future markets and using ethics debates as elegant public decorations for a large-scale investment strategy [...].

We are in a rapid historical transition that is taking place at many levels simultaneously. The window of opportunity within which we can control the future of AI will close in a few years' time."

This very grim outlook on ethics in AI by Professor Metzinger is a must read and reminds me a lot of the debate @aral is having for some time now about the distinction between "ethical design" and "surveillance capitalism decoration".

@malteengeler Thanks for the heads up and the shout out, Malte :)

@malteengeler I have a sneaky suspicion that I just can’t be any other way :)

@malteengeler if the EU was a serious organisation, and that's a big if, instead of voting on stuff like articles 11 and 13 it would have mandated that all AI used on EU territory be open sourced and audited by universities and/or NGOs, to prevent AI escaping the public control

I did in no way want to contribute to EU-scepticism.

@malteengeler Fein. Ich hatte mich gestern spät abends, nach der Lektüre dieses wichtigen Artikels im Tagesspiegel, pauschal darauf verlassen, dass Du einen Hinweis auf diesen Augen öffnenen Bericht aus dem Inneren einer der vielen aktuellen Ethik-Arbeitsgruppen zu KI tröten wirst. Voila.

@Martin_Rost Professor Metzinger gebürt viel Respekt dafür, dass er sich als Berufener so kritisch äußert. Er riskiert, die Berufenden im Hintergrund zu verärgern und nimmt Nachteile in Kauf. Ich wünschte, wir würde ähnlich kritische Stimmen auch aus den vielen Digital-Gremien hier in DE hören.

@malteengeler This is a different thing to the so-called AI singularity, where an AI gets super intelligent and controls everything. This is about the uses, ethical or otherwise, of "normal" AI.

As regards generalised AI, which can learn and plan its own arbitrary tasks, nobody has yet explained where its motivation (to do anything at all, let alone evil) would come from. Hubert Dreyfus still the reference for such problems.

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