"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Surveillance is Privacy"

Why @aral and all of us were wrong about Google, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook.

We obviously must be given how popular and well respected they are. No seriously, they even say that there products are build upon privacy and people first. They wouldn't lie would they?

@Shamar @aral

I know and understand (and share to a large degree) Arals and your criticism towards Mozilla. My problem is, that I also try to (at least to some degree) think what a normal user is able to actually do. And pointing them towards ever more obscure hacky solutions will only frustrate them and serve no one. "Not everyone is a mechanic" as Aral recently pointed out.


This depiction of #Informatics is something over which I strongly disagree with @aral: I think it's fundamental to start thinking of programming as a method of expression, not a speciality.

Something pretty similar to reading and writing: if you weren't able to read and write, having to pledge experts to do it for you shouldn't pass as normal.

Also consider that in the case of #Mozilla all we're talking about is #business: they are not protecting weak users, but their abuse.

@malteengeler @aral

None of the mitigation proposed in that #vulnerability report would hurt the users.

Even opt-in #JavaScript, with a proper #UI would be trivial to enable on a per web site basis.

Same for mandatory #SRI or emptying cache on browser startup for #JS-enabled #Web sites.

How I know it wouldn't hurt users?
Because #Flash and #Java used to work that way! 😉

More! #Chrome can be configured to to make JS opt-in (with a shitty UI, but better than #Firefox's about:config).

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